Estudio Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla

Practice areas

Our professional services cover a vast area within the multiple legal relationships that may arise –both in the contractual and litigation environments- among private parties, the national Government, the provinces, and the municipalities, as well as other public entities.

They also comprise aspects of business law and taxing law, especially when they involve constitutional questions.

Among our clients there are companies that carry out different activities governed by economic regulation. They include regulated industries (transportation, gas, telecommunications), the oil & gas industry, mining companies, construction firms, industrial enterprises and financial institutions. We also provide legal advice to various public entities on a regular basis.

Our work takes place before administrative agencies of the Government, as well as in the judicial and the arbitral environments.

Our advice is also frequently sought to render legal opinions on specific questions in constitutional, administrative and regulatory matters, and we take pride in our skills for litigating cases before the federal Supreme Court of Justice, as well as for developing strategies for complex litigation scenarios.

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