Estudio Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla

Perfil del Estudio

Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla is a law firm that has centered its practice on personally caring for their corporate client's complex concerns, mostly in the field of public law. Its partners provide their respective shares of professional experience, combined to offer a product aimed at excellence.

Alberto B. Bianchi, with almost 35 years of experience as a lawyer, has become one of the main specialists in his field. He has always matched his daily law practice with an intense academic life in the belief that both can thrive in harmony and for mutual benefit.

Lino B. Galarce has an uninterrupted professional experience of more than 20 years backed by a firm grasp of business law, and posesses high versatility and a natural ability to understand the client´s needs.

Santiago M. Castro Videla, the youngest partner, is fully skilled in public law and regulation. His unlimited drive is devoted to reaching effective solutions.

All together, they make up a trustworthy and integrated team that has a very clear objective: to work conscientiously on the matters that are entrusted to their counsel.

Ranking and Awards

  • Apertura Magazine Ranking 2016 – Administrative Law (more info
  • Apertura Magazine Ranking 2012 – Administrative Law (more info)

Alberto B. Bianchi has been recognized by:

  • Chambers & Partners Ranking 2012 y 2016 (more info)
  • Aperura Magazine Ranking 2013 (more info)
  • Academia Nacional de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales de Córdoba Award (2012)
  • Academia Nacional de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales de Buenos Aires Award (1991)
  • National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires, incorporation as full member, Juan Bautista Alberdi seat of honor (2014) (more info)
  • Merit Diploma, Konex Awards, Humanities, Argentina, for the field of "Constitutional Law" (2016) (more info)

In addition, Estela B. Sacristán has received this recognition:

  • Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación Award, Ac. 6/91 (1995)

Av. Callao 1243, Piso 2°
(C1023AAF) Buenos Aires, Argentina
tel.: (54-11) 4812­-1200
cel.: +54 9 11 4024-6413